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Terms of Service

2gov is a service of Votizen, the network of registered voters, and is governed by the Votizen Terms of Service.

When you use a free service, the first question that always pops to mind is, "So, what's the catch?" That's what the Terms of Service are for — to outline all the details so that you know what you're getting in to "for free".

For the official terms you'll need to wade through all the legalese below. That said, the quick preview is that our service is about connecting voters with other voters who tend to agree on the same issues. This means we could eventually connect you with others who want to influence the legislative and elective process. If and when this happens you'll be able to decide how you want to be contacted; nothing will happen without your permission.

Moreover, our service is only about civic participation and is strictly non-commercial. We'll never do anything outside of the political process. We'll never sell your name or any contact information to anyone, period. And we'll always do our best to respect your wishes on exactly how much you want to get involved.

At the end of the day if you like the service and find it valuable you may use it, and if you don't like the service or the rules then you are free to leave and we will permanently delete any information about you we may have collected. And that pretty much sums up what follows.

Votizen Terms of Service

Basic Terms



Reservation of Rights to Change at Any Time

There May Be Political Communications (Targeted or Otherwise)
And Other Uses of Your Content and Usage Information



Content on the Services

No Endorsements and No Liability for or by Us for Content

Your Rights

Your License to Us and Others

You're Responsible for Your Content and Use of the Service

Votizen Software License

Votizen Rights

Restrictions on Content and Use of the Services

Copyright Policy

The Services are Available "AS-IS"


Limitation of Liability


Waiver and Severability

Controlling Law and Jurisdiction

Entire Agreement