Votizen Bill of Rights

2gov is a service of Votizen, the network of Voting Citizens. Votizen takes special care to ensure we adhere to the following declaration of principles:

1. Right to Free Speech.
     Votizen will never censor you based on your beliefs.
2. Right to Privacy.
     You decide whether you wish to share or not share with others.
3. Right to Property.
     Your contact information is yours and will never be sold to others.
4. Right to Civics.
     Votizen is purely focused on civic engagement and is non-commercial.
5. Right to Independence.
     Votizen is not affiliated with any political party, candidate or special-interest.
6. Right to Cancel.
     You can cancel at any time and take all your information with you.

While we do our utmost to uphold your rights, please know that you must also be responsible. (For instance, your right to free speech does not extend to threats, personal attacks or vulgarity.) To see the full legalese description of these rights please see both our Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy.